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Legal Help for Illinois Police Officers/Police Departments

DeAno & Scarry is a law firm of former police officers for police officers. Partner, Laura Scarry is a former police officer of the Lake Forest Illinois Police Department and other members of our firm currently serve as police officers. Having prior law enforcement experience plays a huge role in establishing credibility with our clients- we can literally say that we understand the needs of our clients. To contact our offices in Wheaton and Chicago, Illinois, call (630) 690-2800.

Legal services we provide to the law enforcement community include:

Civil Law Defense: Partners Jim DeAno and Laura Scarry have over 40 years experience representing the law enforcement community at trial and on appeal. Our attorneys have successfully represented police personnel and/or police departments against claims involving police pursuits, racial profiling, unlawful searches and seizures, malicious prosecution, use of deadly force, use of force in general, deprivation of medical care, employment discrimination, "suicide by cop," inadequate training, and First Amendment issues.

24/7 Legal Counsel for Officers Involved in a Shooting or Critical Incident: Police officers' lives are put in jeopardy on a daily basis in everything they do. DeAno & Scarry understands that a police officer may be forced to make a life-or-death decision when they least expect it. For a nominal retainer fee, the equivalent of the cost of car insurance, the officer can reach our attorneys any time of the day or night via a special hotline.* After the officer calls our office, we will travel to the officer's location and advise the officer. We will represent the officer during interviews with supervisors and outside investigators, review written statements made by the officer, and represent the officer throughout the investigation of the critical incident.

Training and Seminars: DeAno & Scarry attorneys have been retained by police agencies to offer training and seminars to police officers. We have also been retained to review police procedures and policies, particularly in the high-risk areas of law enforcement: police pursuits, racial profiling, use of force, and deadly force.

General Legal Help for Police Officers: It is our goal to offer unparalleled legal service to the law enforcement community. DeAno & Scarry is proud to represent police officers in a wide range of general legal services including divorce, real estate, estate planning, personal injury and criminal defense.

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*This service is available to police officers and police agencies. Please contact our office for details.